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The Bioscientifica Trust was established in 2016 and seeks applications for funding in the broad areas of endocrinology research and clinical delivery.  We seek to support early career researchers, and clinicians in training.  Funding is available in several strands, which will be considered together, and grants will be awarded in open competition.

The Bioscientifica Trust offers Standard Grants and Scientific Meeting Grants and has recently launched a new fund in response to the disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Bioscientifica Trust launches COVID-19 response fund

In response to the global coronavirus pandemic the Bioscientifica Trust has launched a COVID-19 response fund to flexibly support those early career clinicians and researchers whose training or research has been negatively impacted by the disruptions caused by the virus.  For example, we would consider short-term salary support, travel, equipment, or consumables costs.  We can offer awards of up to around £5,000 / €5,000.  We would welcome applications from any early career scientist or clinician for whom a small grant could help ease the negative impact of COVID-19.

Standard Grants

Standard Grants will typically be for less than €2,000 / £2,000 but for exceptionally strong cases the Trustees are prepared to consider larger amounts.  The Bioscientifica Trust is a small entity, and will not contribute to institutional overheads.

We encourage applications for Standard Grants under several headings:

  1. From researchers seeking to gain experience, and build collaborative links with a different host lab, ideally in a different country.  
  2. From clinical trainees seeking specific clinical training and experience in a centre of excellence, ideally in a different country.
  3. From endocrinology researchers seeking to present work at non-endocrine international meetings.
  4. To support non-endocrinology researchers in presenting work at international endocrine meetings.
  5. We are also open to any application of benefit to endocrine research, or delivery of service which is led by early career applicants, and which can demonstrate academic, clinical or public benefit.

We will not support capital costs (for example equipment or refurbishment of facilities), travel to endocrine meetings, staff costs, or funding of complete research projects.  We encourage applications that show patient / public engagement.

Scientific Meeting Grants

Scientific Meeting Grants are grants of up to €10,000 / £10,000 made to support small (10-20 attendees), tightly focused meetings on specific topics. Research active institutions wishing to host such a meeting are encouraged to apply for a Scientific Meeting Grant to help defray meeting costs and, in particular, travel expenditure for early career researchers.

Application Process

The application process, with outline costs, is simple and must use the application form.  All fields require completion. Applicants should include a brief curriculum vitae (CV) of no more than two pages. The application form and your CV should be returned by e-mail or by FAX.

Grant Application form (Microsoft Word document)

Grant Application form (PDF)

Grants will usually be made payable to institutional accounts and should be taken up within six months of the decision date unless an extension is agreed.  A requirement of the award is completion of a structured evaluation form, and all successful applications will be made available through the Bioscientifica Trust’s website in the interests of transparency.

Evaluation form (Microsoft Word document)

Evaluation form (PDF)

Please note:

  • Only one application per person will be considered at each round
  • Your application should have the support of your supervisor and funding should not be available from another source
  • The Trustees are unable to enter into any correspondence regarding the outcome of the application process
  • Resubmitted applications will not be considered unless explicitly requested by the Trustees
  • The decision of Trustees is final
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