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UK ClockClub: a national symposium on circadian rhythms

Aarti Jagannath, University of Oxford



The circadian research community in the UK is large, diverse, and well represented is most institutions across the country. There is also a growing appreciation of circadian biology in many areas of physiology, including metabolism and endocrinology.

We would like to seek funding (GBP 2500) to conduct UK ClockClub, a tightly-focussed twice-yearly national symposium which brings together sleep scientists, circadian biologists and physiologists with an interest in circadian rhythms at the University of Oxford.

Symposia as such as UK ClockClub are essential to integration and cross-fertilisation within the circadian research community, and also to provide an opportunity for researchers from allied fields to present their work and interact with this group.

UK ClockClub is also a platform designed specifically to promote early career researchers: all speakers other than the keynote speaker are PhD students or post-docs. This symposium therefore represents a much needed opportunity for career building and dissemination of research for this group.


Grant awarded: £2,500.00

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