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Linking the pulmonary circadian clock to nuclear receptors and inflammatory response – initiation visit

Colleen Bartman, Mayo Clinic Minnesota



I am a Post-Doctoral Fellow at Mayo Clinic aiming to enrich my training and professional network by establishing a working relationship with Professor David Ray at University of Oxford. I met Professor Ray at a conference earlier this year and kept in touch due to overlapping research interests. I am investigating circadian mechanisms in the pathophysiology of neonatal airway disease. I gravitated toward Professor Ray’s work, as he is a leading scientist investigating mechanisms of circadian biology in inflammation and energy metabolism with a particular focus on nuclear receptors and glucocorticoid signaling networks. My goal is to become an independently funded investigator focusing on pulmonary circadian biology and neonatal oxygen exposure; I developed an idea linking the clock with deleterious effects of oxygen on developing airway structure/function (e.g. inflammatory response, metabolic regulation) in the context of chronic airway diseases. Bioscientifica’s support would provide me with the opportunity to expand my expertise and establish collaboration with Professor Ray and his research team.

Specific aims:
- Visit Professor Ray’s lab to establish working relationships and networking connections.
- Learn techniques/skills available in Professor Ray’s lab relevant to my scientific questions.
- Develop a long-term plan to foster career partnerships and collaboration. 


Grant awarded: $2,000

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