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Characterizing the metabolic phenotype of aggressive pituitary tumors: a possible role of AMPK signaling?

Dario De Alcubierre, Sapienza University of Rome



I am an early career researcher, currently attending the third year of the residency program in Endocrinology and Metabolism at the Sapienza University of Rome, Italy. My clinical and research interests mainly lie with pituitary and adrenal disease. Specifically, my work has recently focused on the identification of possible therapeutic targets for aggressive pituitary tumors (PTs), which currently represent a major challenge for endocrinologists.

In this regard, I am currently developing a project aimed at characterizing the metabolic phenotype of aggressive PTs, specifically focusing on possible metabolic differences between common PTs - which are generally benign, slow-growing and endowed with decreased cell metabolism - and aggressive PTs, whose metabolic phenotype has yet to be clearly defined. Therefore, I aim to attend Prof. Gerard Raverot's research facilities at the Lyon University for a year, starting from October 2022.

My main goals are:
- to acquire knowledge about pituitary cell cultures and molecular biology techniques;
- to evaluate possible differences in the bioenergetic profile of healthy pituitary vs common PTs vs. aggressive PTs;
- to develop joint research networks in the pituitary field, in which Prof. Raverot is a leading expert.


Grant awarded: €1,900.00

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