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Spetses Summer School 2023 in 'Epigenomics, Nuclear Receptors and Disease'; 27-28 September 2023

Eckardt Treuter, Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden



The Aim of our 2023 Summer School is to provide a unique meeting opportunity for early career researchers (PhD students and postdocs) at the crossroads between endocrinology and epigenomics, with a strong emphasis on mechanisms underlying human diseases.

Epigenomics is a rapidly expanding field that studies chromatin components and epigenetic mechanisms to address fundamental questions related to the regulation of gene expression in health and disease. The nuclear receptor field has always been at the forefront of cutting-edge advances in endocrinology and epigenomics. Endocrine nuclear receptor pathways are clinically significant and perfectly positioned to delineate disease pathways for future therapies and interventions.

Our program is designed to encourage student activities and networking during workshops, tutorial lunches and dinners, poster sessions and individual discussions, thereby stimulating scientific dialogue and a familiar atmosphere. Renowned lecturers will introduce current concepts and methodologies, followed by in-depth discussions of mechanisms and alterations underlying endocrine-related metabolic and inflammatory diseases.

With this Meeting Grant Application we seek for 10.000 Euro funding to offer a 50% reduced registration fee (315 Euro instead of 630 Euro) via ‘Bioscientifica Trust Grants’ for 24 early career researchers. The registration fee also covers accommodation, and board.  In addition, we request funds to cover transfers from airport to the island, to the equivalent of 60-80 Euros per person, to a maxi of 70 people.  Our event is currently supported by a FEBS ALC23-001 grant, which only allows for 8 travel grants.

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Grant awarded: £5,687.50

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