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7th European Young Endocrine Scientists (EYES) Meeting, Athens, Greece, September 2019

EYES Committee of the European Society of Endocrinology (ESE)



We are applying for a Bioscientifica Trust Scientific Meeting Grant, in order to defray part of the costs of the 7th European Young Endocrine Scientists (EYES) Meeting, which will be held in Athens, Greece from 13 to 15 September 2019.

This grant will support early career Endocrinologists and Scientists from all around Europe to attend the 7th EYES meeting.  EYES meetings are designed to support scientific and professional interaction among Young Scientists interested in Endocrinology from all around the world.  They aim at the advance of knowledge, the sharing of experience and the promotion of future clinical and research collaborations. 

The registration fee is only €70.  It covers the scientific program.  Furthermore, coffee breaks, lunch breaks and dinners will be offered to all participants.  Accommodation of participants outside from Athens will be also offered at the venue hotel of the meeting.  The objective of the EYES meeting is to be accessible to al young career endocrinologists across Europe and to make that possible funding to support the delegates is indispensable. 



The 7th European Young Endocrine Scientists (EYES) Meeting was held in Athens, Greece from 13 to 15 September 2019. The Meeting was very successful.


We received more applications, but we had to keep the upper limit of 200 Registered Participants according to the rules.

- 32.5% (65) Males, 67.5% (135) Females

- 71% (142) International, 29% (58) Greek

- 32 Countries: 2 Albania, 1 Armenia, 1 Australia, 1 Bangladesh, 1 Belgium, 2 Croatia, 2 Cyprus, 2 Czech Republic, 1 France, 6 Georgia, 4 Germany, 58 Greece, 1 India, 1 Israel, 8 Italy, 2 Korea, 1 Latvia, 3 Lithuania, 1 Montenegro, 7 Netherlands, 1 Pakistan, 11 Poland, 4 Portugal, 26 Romania, 15 Russia, 7 Serbia, 5 Spain, 1 Turkey, 17 UK, 5 Ukraine, 2 USA, 1 Uzbekistan


115 Abstracts in total, 68 Oral Presentations, 47 Poster Presentations, 6 Invited Lectures, 2 Workshops (1 clinical, 1 research), EYES General Assembly-Interactive Discussion


The best two Oral Presentations were awarded:

- Participation and presentation at ECE 2020 (supported by ESE)

- Participation and presentation at the Hellenic Endocrine Society Meeting 2020 (supported by Athens 2019 EYES Team)


All Abstracts will be published soon in Endocrine Abstracts (supported by ESE)


Program at a Glance

Abstracts Book




Scientific Program 4.4/5, Time Schedule 4.5/5, Meeting’s Venue 4.9/5, Secretariat Services 4.6/5, Accommodation 4.9/5, Social Program 4.9/5

DIFFICULTIES No special difficulty


Grant awarded: €9,400

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