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Glucocorticoid signalling, inflammatory diseaseand the circadian clock - presentation at EBRS 2019

Polly Downton, University of Manchester



My current research investigates glucocorticoid signalling and how it interacts with chronic inflammatory disease, the circadian clock and metabolism.  I plan to attend the European Biological Rhythms Society Congress 2019, with the aim to present my current research to a non-endocrine audience. 

Specifically, I aim to:

  1. Present my research at EBRS 2019.  I have applied for the opportunity to present my work as an oral presentation, but will present my work as a poster if my abstract is not selected.
  2. Promote my research in a non-endocrine field by taking advantage of the opportunities this conference will give me to network with prominent circadian biologists.
  3. Identify future collaborators in the circadian field to benefit my future research direction.



After the award of this grant, my submitted abstract was selected for a seminar in the ‘Immune System and Daily Timing’ session at EBRS 2019, which I delivered on 26th August 2019. My presentation promoted subsequent discussion of my research with a number of circadian biologists present at the conference, allowing me to promote my research in this field and refine my ideas around the circadian aspects of my research.

I made a number of new contacts at this meeting, diversifying my personal connections with early career and established colleagues in related research areas. I hope this may lead to productive collaboration in the future.


Grant awarded: £1,200

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