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Presentation of two research projects in the course of two symposia at the 47th ISPNE conference

Sina Radke, RWTH Aachen University



My aim is to attend the 47th Annual conference of the International Society of Psychoneuroendocrinology in order to present and discuss the following two research projects:

  1. Mistakes that matter: Oxytocin affects social performance monitoring (symposium chaired by Wolf-Gero Lange)
  2. The effects of social exclusion on wellbeing, hormone levels and brain activation (symposium chaired by Christine Anderl & Frances Chen)

Both symposia have already been accepted.



The grant gave me the opportunity to attend the annual meeting of the ISPNE for the first time. In two symposia, I presented two research projects, one being a cooperation with researchers from the University of Leiden (NL), and the other one being a cooperation with colleagues at the University of Vienna (Austria). After the successful presentations, I received interesting questions about the specificity of the findings, potentially underlying mechanisms and difficulties in the study design, which could be improved for future studies. Additional analyses, which we had not considered before, were also suggested for the study whose manuscript is currently in revision.

Apart from the symposia I was presenting in, I attended sessions on, e.g., hair cortisol methodology, implicit motives and the relation between exercise/sport and stress reactivity.

The abstracts from the two presentations were published in the journal of Psychoneuroendocrinology. This has additionally increased the visibility of my research as I have already received full-text requests on ResearchGate.


Grant awarded: €1,590

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